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Its an aviation service company, providing a full range of solutions for ground handling and high personalized services. Its scope of services includes representations before the Civil Aviation Authority, obtaining the necessary traffic rights and negotiating airport slots, arranging for and supervising ramp handling, performing computerized passenger handling including load control, crew transportation and sightseeing tours, baggage tracing using World Tracing System, providing discount fuel and catering, preparing meteorological documentation and aeronautical information, arranging V.I.P immigration assistance including the V.I.P lounge for V.I.P passengers.

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Global Assit
Obtaining essential overflying & landing permits worldwide within a very short notice, as well as settling all civil aviation charges on our client behalf.
Global Assit
Providing you with the highest standards of ground handling services for any type of aircraft landing any anywhere in the world.
Global Assit
Ability to provide our Customers with all type of Fuel almost in any locations worldwide. Through our contracts with numerous Fuel providers along with direct contacts with the major Petroleum companies.
Global Assit
Our catering services will promote your airline's level of services quality and passenger satisfaction through our efficient processes, systems and providers.
Global Assit
Tracing you lost luggage and keeping our client informed with the progress step-by-step.
Global Assit
Providing our clients with all kinds of assistance in arrival & departure.

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